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Ingress journal: “Miracle” visitor

Posted by Itlandm on September 28, 2013

A level 8 Agent of the Enlightenment in the eastern part of Norway just happened to go to a wedding here in Kristiansand today. It was probably not his wedding, although for a sufficiently dedicated Agent, any occasion is an Ingress occasion…

He offered to upgrade the portals in Kristiansand while he had some time today, and he did: Approximately two dozen portals all over a 2x2km area. That’s pretty impressive.

For me, this was a rather big thing. At level 6.6, I can only make portals at level 4. That is simply not enough to yield much useful stuff, so I generally don’t bother with even hacking them. At level 8, he can create portals at level 5. But together, by one of us upgrading the portals of the other, we can make them level 6. That is just the right size for me. ┬áSo I walked around town for 3 hours, hacking like a hungry man picking fruit.

Indeed, since around the time I turned level 6, Kristiansand has been like a huge strawberry patch that must be watered almost every day, but where only two of the plants give ripe berries with any regularity. You can see how that turns out to be less than motivating if you are doing it just for yourself, and most of the time I am. But today suddenly it was like pretty much the whole garden was full of ripe sweet level 6 strawberries, more than I could eat. It was like a miracle, although in this case a miracle with feet. ^_^

I suppose the Resistance won’t just let this slide – Kristiansand must be shining like a small green sun on the national map now – but that’s part of the game. And at least I got to pick a lot of level 6 resonators and quite a few power cubes as well.

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