Horny climb road


Is it a sign from the Light?  Probably not, but this picture is taken from the bus stop closest to today’s apartment hunt.  It was taken this summer though, before I knew I had to move this fall.

Another day, another apartment hunt! Today I was biting on a freshly announced apartment about half an hour’s walk from my current home, but on nearly the same elevation.  Most of the distance is along the same way I use for my Sunday walk,  which is a bike / pedestrian road along the main road which again is vaguely following the river.  Near the grain fields I have photographed so often, you turn away from the river and toward the hills.

The name of the road is “Grakleivveien” which means roughly “the horny climb road”.  There may be other meanings, but that’s the obvious one.  The Norwegian word “gra” means horny as in hungry for sex, but the common usage is restricted to horses.  Colloquially it is used for people too. I know I heard it used that way when I was a teen.  (The details of why I would hear that is beyond the scope of today’s entry…)  The word “kleiv” refers to a steep road up a hill, from the Norwegian word “kliva” which means to climb.  From the small village where I grew up, I remember there was a farm called “kleiva”, which was where the country road climbed from the bridge across the river and up to around the level of the other farms.

This apartment is cheaper than the one I mentioned yesterday, but less stand-alone.  So how feasible it is would depend on the immediate neighbors.  I am kind of spoiled by having the whole house to myself  here (although I could not use the whole house, as the landlord was stashing a lot of stuff and had the basement set aside for himself, although he very rarely used it.)  Anyway, an affordable home, fairly large, close to my current location… it could be worse. Also the road is surrounded by primeval forest, so you don’t get that intensely urban feeling. And the bus I take to and from work passes a fairly short walk from the house, although further away than here.  Actually I kind of like having to walk a bit to the bus.  It is an excuse to use the body while I have it, instead of doing pointless exercises just for maintenance.

Speaking of which, I did not get particularly stiff and sore from yesterday’s walk.  My resting pulse is higher, as usual the day after an exercise, but it does not hurt anywhere.  Perhaps I am not as old as I feel?