Dreaming about pregnancies again. It’s been a while.

Yesterday morning, while sleeping at the hotel, I had a memorable dream. I dreamed that somehow the rumor had spread that I was going steady with a nurse. The story grew over time, so that after a suitable time we were supposedly not only living together but also had a baby. This amused me, and I did nothing to kill the rumors, if that is even possible. But evidently even this was not enough…

One day I saw a young woman outside a house, painting or something while wearing pajamas. She was quite young, probably less than 20. At least she looked that way, being too skinny to be attractive to me. But another guy was pestering her, a local of that world whom I vaguely knew, who was drunk again. She was standing on something so that her middle was nearly even with his eyes and I saw that he was unable to resist. As he reached out to touch her, I snapped a picture with my mobile phone. She barked at him and shooed him away, and he also became aware of me taking the picture (which was the point) so he was shamed and left her. Instead he followed me, arguing that I was hardly in a position to criticize other people when I myself had made a younger woman pregnant while I had a fiancee and a baby at home. I was like WTF, and he went into some detail so I understood who he was talking about. It would have been amusing except probably not for her. Rumors had it the younger girl would be having an abortion, so of course her lack of a baby or even a visible pregnancy would actually just verify the story for them.

There was some more, about the pictures on my phone, which were several of friends and family, but the dream began to wind down from here.

I don’t see any deeper meaning, except for this: The girl was wearing blue-striped pajamas very similar to my (in)famous old PJs, which extremely regular readers saw repeatedly when the journal was young. A subtle reminder that with our dreams, not only are we the director, but we also play all the roles.