Weird dreams

This morning was weird dream season again.

First, we had a young woman who could transform into a frog. This turned out to be less useful for spying than we thought, since a) frogs move pretty slowly, b) dogs among other creatures like to attack frogs, causing her to panic and turn back to human, and c) her clothes did not change with her. We decided that a porcupine would be better for the task.

Next dream, I was young and going out with a Japanese girl. On the plus side, she spoke English about as well as I do (haltingly and with some mispronunciations, but perfectly understandable). On the minus side, whenever she did something unfamiliar, I had no idea whether it was a Japanese thing or some quirk of her own. The other young people thought she was weird too.

In the next part, I had come into discussion with a transfer student about something in Bergen. (Everyone in all of these dreams were people I don’t know in real life, including quite possibly me.) At this point my Japanese girlfriend and I both had magic. Her magic was weaker but she had good control, so she made a teleportation membrane between there and Bergen. By passing through the dark blue membrane you would fade out here and fade in there. I had more raw power but not so good control, and there might be a limit to how many times I could do magic, or it might be dangerous to me, I am not sure, but she did not want me to do it. In the end I did anyway, and opened a giant portal between here and there, where the two places were basically bordering on each other so you could look into it and step from one place to another like you walk across a line on the ground. It was so big you could move a platoon through it and was surrounded by a brilliant white light. When we stepped through, we saw that someone had set fire to the grass.

At that point I woke up, probably because I had been worried about going to bed while my wood stove was still burning so hot, but since I kept falling asleep in my living room chair I did it anyway.

I don’t really see these dreams having any deep message for my life, except to be grateful that I don’t date Japanese girls or work with people who turn into frogs.