Meanwhile, back on Earth…

Took this pretty picture recently, but not today, as I was home sick. I got better over the course of the day though, and feel completely healthy now.

We’ve had a couple beautiful spring days. The ice is breaking on the river. Relax, it is a quiet and dignified breaking this year, and even last year when it was more violent, there was no risk of flooding at all. Far from it. It is kind of fascinating to watch though.

The woodlice, however, live more precariously. They are coming out in droves and crawl underfoot. I am not sure whether they actually eat wood, but if so it is kind of worrying that they are so plentiful.  At least we don’t have termites here up north!

Meteorologists say that winter will return later this week, so perhaps we get two (or more) springs this year? For the price of one!  Actually there is still snow cover on the fields, although it is gone around the house and other objects that absorb the sunshine and gives off heat.

Spring is a wonderful time here up north. Yesterday it was sunshine both when I went to work and when I came home. It is not many weeks since it was dark both times. It really has changed fast. I think of these days as “white spring”, when the snow is still around many places but melting fast. Then comes the “brown spring”, where the plants seem uncertain as to whether they really can trust the winter to have ended. A few courageous flowers make a stand by the roadside. And finally the “green spring” when they throw caution to the mild winds and put on the light green dress, and the rest of the flowers hurry to open up.

But I wrote about this last year too, did I not? “Believe in the coming Age of the Sun.”