Personal health challenge

I have got a doctor appointment for June 10. I expect this to be only the beginning.

Since January or early February my bladder has been shrinking. As late as last year, I could sleep as long as I wanted on weekends. Now, even though I go to the bathroom last thing before sleep, I can rarely sleep 7 hours before I have to get up and urinate again. Sometimes closer to 5 hours. This is not natural. It is like I have aged two decades in five months.

So yeah, I have to assume I have my first cancer. I suppose it could be some kind of hernia putting pressure on the bladder. One thing I am pretty sure it is not, diabetes. I don’t urinate significantly more, or I would have noticed it. Will still check blood sugar too, just to eliminate.
If it is prostate cancer, it should be fairly easy to diagnose and the prognosis is generally good. I don’t have typical prostate symptoms though. The pressure is less than in my youth, but it is far from stop & go. It really seems more like some outside pressure on the bladder itself.

Or I may just be more sensitive, possibly. I can’t say I have seen any general symptoms of cancer spreading, like unnatural weight loss or fatigue. So it seems too early to panic. I will make sure to inform you of any panic if it becomes relevant.

In any case, I should probably not enter into any new long term commitments, financial or otherwise, until this is checked out.