Even more fiction

Why are they so perceptive at a time like this?” Because they have read Books of the Truth! But this works a bit differently in this world and my fictional world.

I am still slowly working on the 1001st Book. Vaguely related to the topic of yesterday, but not too directly (because this is fiction, and for teens and tweens mainly). It seems obvious to me that those wizards who have absorbed a particular book, and has the sigil inside themselves, are also able to recognize the same sigil in other wizards. More widely, they can recognize that topic anywhere.

For instance, the 1002nd book is by ancient tradition the Way of Truth. (The complete works of Thoth are collectively referred to as “Books of Truth”, which may be why it is called Way instead of Book, unlike for instance the Book of Light and the Book of Air which describe the true nature of those two things in general, and so on.)  Anyway, once the Wizard has absorbed the book sufficiently, he will be able to recognize truth wherever he sees it. And likewise when he sees deviation from the truth, he will notice this, and to some extent what is missing or exaggerated or otherwise just not right.

Anyway, it is a pretty classical magic thing, I guess, the supernatural ability wizards have to evaluate each other. So it is only natural that I weave it into the story. That there happens to be something vaguely similar in the world in which I live does not hurt, but it is certainly not autobiography I write this time. Despite the lack of actual sex. When writing about teenagers, that is probably going to seem less likely than the magic to some. But miracles do happen!