Goodbye Neverwinter

Screenshot character screen Neverwinter MMORPG

At least this game does not force you to wear a skimpy outfit. 

One game I’m not going to play “into the future”.

For some months I’ve logged in 2-3 times a day to the Neverwinter MMORPG by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment. I stayed online just a few minutes at a time, letting my characters pray and resolve consignment jobs. One of these days, one of my characters reached level 60, the highest in the game for now. And I realized that I had spent about half of those levels by the campfire, and that I had no intention of actually playing the game (as in fighting and doing quests).

Well, I appreciate that they had this alternative playing style, otherwise I would have quit long before. The early game is reasonably easy, but by mid-game you better make sure to spend your points wisely, and later on you better make sure to spend real money on various power-ups. They are small and affordable each, but you need to have a bunch of these or else be an expert on the game mechanics. You don’t literally have to “pay to win”, but it helps.

Either way, given that I don’t really want to play the game, I’m bowing out. It is a technically impressive game, but I am just not the kind of person this game is meant for. Or perhaps we should say, I am not that kind of person anymore. Daily doses of desperate destruction isn’t really something that resonates with my soul anymore. Well, most of the time at least, for which I am grateful.