Drawn like a flame to the Moth


This beautiful scenery is from the small farming village of Møll, near Mandal, Norway. The name literally means “moth”, as in the insect. Also, the house is currently to let.

It’s house hunting time again! What?  Don’t I usually write “apartment hunt”?  Well, yes, but today I saw advertised a whole house within my price range.  It is a bit into the countryside, as can be expected, but not really far from the neighboring city of Mandal.  Close enough that there are regular commute buses passing more or less right by the small farm on which the house lies, from what I can see.

It is not a farm house, though, it just happens to lie on a farm.  Those are definitely fields, not lawns, in the aerial photo I am studying.  Also, the river is only about 10 meters / yards away. I don’t mind this either way, but with some luck it may discourage families with toddlers, meaning less competitors for me.  And competitors there must surely be.  While the house is small, it is still large enough for a couple or a small family.  (There are supposedly 3 bedrooms.) It will be rented out for five years – again, ideal for me but not for people who may change jobs  or even lose their job.

I am not going to get my hopes up too much.  It seems just a little too good.  But it is certainly worth inquiring, I think.  I would much rather rent a small house in the countryside than a basement in the suburbs, not to say an apartment in a block. Ew.