Electricity restored


Winter is a pretty sight, here in Norway as well as on Hokkaido (here portrayed in the anime Sora no Manimani). But winter without electricity is not pretty.

For a couple days I have been without electricity in half the house. Although not cleanly divided like north/south or east/west.  The bedrooms have been without electricity, the electric stove (but not the fridge or the rest of the kitchen), one small wall in the living room, and the area around the outer door (including the door bell). Oh, and the basement.

The landlord stopped by (with his mother and grandmother) today and took a look at it.  He changed the fuses, including those I had changed. There was one notable feature:  Among the 3 main fuses, you could take out one of them and nothing happened. This implied that it related to the dead part of the house, or so you would think.  But changing it had no effect either.

They phoned the landlord’s uncle, who came and looked at it.  The landlord’s uncle phoned his friend who was an electrician but currently out in the countryside.  The electrician evidently told him that there was another set of main fuses in the attic, where the electricity actually enters the house, and that almost certainly the corresponding third fuse there was dead. It was. More than that, it was burned and cracked.  Something horrible had happened to it, perhaps some wetness had got in at some point in the past. We were all very happy that the whole thing had not caught fire.  It was replaced and everything works perfectly.

I have not put my main computer back in the home office though.  It is kind of nice to spend some time in the living room while I still have one.  I don’t know what my next apartment will look like, but chances are that it will be quite a bit smaller.  In fact, the chances of this are gradually increasing, as December 1 approaches and I can no longer be quite as picky as I used to be.

But at least I don’t have to move out early due to lack of electricity!