Quiet entrainment

Bedroom stereo is up in Cherryview. The diskless computer is connected. And, just in case, a steel plate is under it in case it might otherwise start building up heat. It is time to resume brainwave entrainment. Quietly, very quietly.

(In all fairness, the toddler upstairs seems to be awake till near midnight, so I don’t really think they have much reason to complain even in the unlikely case that they can hear a soft hum around 11 in the night. Now if their cat doesn’t return, they have reason to complain. Hopefully it won’t go that far.)

I am not really surprised that I wake up more often the first week in a new home. Anything else would be unnatural, or supernatural or something. But with the delta brainwave entrainment, it should no longer be a problem, more like an opportunity. Let’s see if we can get that Red Bull out of the lunch before it becomes a habit…