Once more into those breeches

Back to work today. But at least I put on trousers and shirt that had not seen fresh air since I moved or thereabout. Possibly the move before that, I am not sure. I could do this for a long time, but I probably won’t. The shirts and many of the trousers are already finding their way into the wardrobe shelves, where they will probably just disappear from my consciousness until I am forced to move again, if ever.

But at least I carried a plastic bag with paperbacks to the city and gave them to the used-book store. And I’ve filled the bag today again, hopefully to repeat the feat tomorrow, unless something gets in the way. I don’t intend to put a book back in the bookshelf unless I feel a nagging suspicion that I would replace it if I lost it. Well, except perhaps to complete a series.

I also discontinued my subscription to the Wimp streaming music service. They showed no interest in getting back the Norwegian composer I had written to them about. There is no point in subscribing to a Norwegian streaming service if it is the Swedish competitor that has the Norwegian composers I want. Spotify is more than enough.

Next up – to stop the fiberoptic Internet subscription at Riverview. But first, sleep. Somehow that always ends up low priority unless I stop myself from doing everything else.