Feeling better day


“I didn’t know that angels were making so much effort.”  From the anime “The Laws of Eternity”.  It seems eerily fitting.

I am feeling much better today.  Amazingly so, actually.  It is almost hard to believe.  And I am not sure whether it is going to last.  But I do enjoy it for now.  I have not felt this good since last Friday before the fever.  (Although I still view the bike with horror and revulsion…)

On my way home from work, I even thought that I ought to try mowing the lawn again. I have not been able to do this for the almost a week I have been ill, and I decided I would have to be very careful about it.  But I just could not let it grow any taller if there was a reasonable chance to do something about it without serious harm to my body.

When I came home, however, there was a car in front of the house.  The landlord’s mother and grandmother were just about to leave.  The landlord had already left.  Before that, however, he had used the motorized lawnmower on all the lawns.  I appreciate that, although I suspect he did not appreciate having to do it.  Especially since the tool shed, in which the mower was stored, was now the home of a tribe of wasps.  They were very unhappy over being disturbed and had stung.  I wish this could have been avoided, but honestly, for the last week any physical work has been just plain unthinkable.  I might as well try to jump over the roof.

The wasps are still there, but at least it is far from the doors, so I can come and go safely.

Last night I watched an animated movie till 2AM.  This used to be my normal bedtime for a long while, but lately I have gone to bed around midnight for some reason.  The movie was “Laws of Eternity”. It is kind of based on the book by the same name, except not really.  The movie is a story about four young people who travel to the spirit world – the afterlife, if you will – while still alive, and get the grand tour.  The layout of the spirit world is based on the book, which is technically non-fiction, although I suspect few people outside the sect would agree with this. I didn’t mind the preachy explanations, I was just happy to find an anime that represented the universe as layered in a vaguely similar way to what I described two days ago.  Full review to come, I hope.  I have tried twice now writing a review, but decided to watch it again before that.  It is kind of weird to see such a likable anime supposedly made by a fascist.  Then again sects always get put in a bad light, so who knows.

I can understand why the anime is so hated by the typical anime audience though. To the otaku, the ideals of purity in thought and selfless service to mankind must burn like the fire of Muspellheim.  But for me, it may be just what the doctor ordered.