One week later


This is a lot like me without GPS. (It’s actually from the Laws of Eternity though.)

A week after the half-day fever and the onset of the super hemorrhoid, I can barely feel anything at all.  There is only the slightest hint of blood, and I can live my life as usual. I haven’t quite done that, and ideally I never will.  One should take advantage of learning experiences like this.

I spent literally hours today trying to find out where I can buy the movies by Happy Science. I have seen snippets from three of them  on YouTube, including the latest, the Laws of Eternity, which I have seen in full (albeit in a low-resolution download) and will review tomorrow.

In the end, I sent a mail to their European contact address.  Hopefully they won’t track me down, kidnap me and brainwash me into worshiping El Cantare. I love their anime (see tomorrow) but I see it as pious fiction.  Kind of like the “Left Behind” series… if Left Behind was written by happy, optimistic technologists instead of angry, frightened Luddites.

I still haven’t bought tickets to the job course in Oslo next week. I probably should. Unless something new happens, I should be able to go, as long as I don’t stray too far from the nearest toilet.  And with my new phone with GPS and Google Maps I should be able to find my way despite having the sense of direction of a drunk badger. The main problem could be to dodge the Swine Flu.  It has begun its attack on Norway now (tourists have brought it home from abroad), although it is set to explode only when the schools open.