Dreams and dying bumblebees

This morning I had long and complex dreams, since my alarm did not go off as it does on workdays.  Most is forgotten, of course, but toward the end I was in a city that looked too perfect, too sparkling clean and modern. It made me think of the capital city of the Praetorian alternate world in City of Heroes. Anyway, I went into a large church there.  They were about to cure some people of deadly diseases.  The first was a young woman who went into an enclosure beyond our sight.  I had a bad foreboding about this.  At the same time, a woman was wandering around in the church, telling about how she could not afford surgery.  I and the woman beside me were about to give her money (something I would not do in real life, since in real life people lie shamelessly if they can get paid for it). A very muscular man came over and stopped us.  “All money should be given to the Church, which will then use it to help those in need.”  There was a definite “or else…” in his demeanor, and I got out of there very quickly.  After a stroll on the city’s moving pavements, I returned with a coworker to the garage under the cathedral, just as they were removing the bloody remnant of the girl who was “cured”.  Exploded seems a more fitting description of what happened to her.

The other dream I remember was of attending a job-related seminar, about some new software that was introduced.  I understood it easily, but most of the people there were just ordinary users, and they had a harder time with it. Two of them were from Kristiansand, where I work, and we knew each other at least somewhat. I cannot now remember if I know them in real life, but I know the type at least.  They were women, like most of those present, and rather cute. I wanted to look at one of them in a lustful way, but did not get around to it before the seminar was over and we all had to leave.  Evidently ogling women is not a high priority even in my dreams anymore.  Someone had forgotten a camera, though I don’t remember if it was me. There was also something else computer-related going on, but it did not make it to my long-term memory.   As if this is not enough filler.

In waking life, a badly incapacitated bumblebee was in the upstairs hallway, right outside my bedroom door.  Later today she was crawling along downstairs, outside my bathroom door.  It is  a big one, presumably a mother bumblebee (kind of like queen bees, but bumblebees have fewer offspring.) I have had a couple of those come inside to die before, but it is weeks since last time. I wonder what makes them come inside and, from the looks of it, seeking me out. Does their little bumblebee spirit regard me as some kind of god, thinking that if they can only die in my presence, they will be guaranteed a good afterlife?  Or are they simply instinctively trying to get stepped on, to end the pain?

Well, I don’t even really understand myself, so what is the chance that I will understand the dying wish of a bumblebee?