Dentist check-up day

Nothing exciting today. I had my twice-a-year check at the dentist. No holes this time either. Modern science is awesome, eh? I used to have holes all the time in the past, although only small ones. Perhaps toothpaste these days is more effective or something. It seems unlikely to come merely from me having eliminated meat from my diet. In fact I drink Pepsi Natural pretty much all workday. (It is called Pepsi Raw here, but it is the same thing.) With 10% sugar and high acidity it should do unspeakable harm to teeth, but they seem to be unaware of it.

Of course, even with no holes, I still have to pay. For some reason, here in Norway there is no dental insurance. Does not exist for adults. Not through work, not private, not through the state, which otherwise does all kinds of health insurance whether you like it or not. There is state-paid dental care for children, but they generally don’t appreciate it. I certainly didn’t, and avoided dentists for the next several years. Also, science simply was not very advanced at that age. Even if you went to the dentist, he would repair your teeth with metal, and they would continue to decay.

One thing they had in the past though: Cute female assistants. My current dentist has equipment that moves around on its own like the arms of Doctor Octopus, it sometimes seems. Very high-tech. Saves the cost of having cute women around. Although I wonder if their original role may not have been to make the male patients refrain from screaming and thrashing about…