800 calories

Not quite spring yet…

This morning there was more snow; luckily it was light and fluffy. But it adds up. And with so long a path to clear, it took me over an hour and burned about 800 calories. That will take some time to replace. That’s two liters – half a gallon – of cola, for instance.  That comes in addition to what I normally consume.  So obviously that won’t happen in one day.

It will probably happen, though. Not calorie for calorie, but if I lose enough fat, I will get hungrier. That’s how it works. I understand that many people are supposedly hungry even when they are fat. For me there is an obvious difference when I go from the top end of the “normal” (shouldn’t they move normal up to what used to be overweight, now that it is normal to be overweight?) to the lower end of “normal”.  At the lower end, I am hungry day and night, including after the meals. At the high end, food feels like a convenience rather than a necessity sometimes. And that’s how I like it. I have a lot of other interests, if I should not spend my days constantly thinking about food.

Although I would probably get more readers if I wrote about food frequently. It is one of the things I still have in common with all humans. We all eat.