Busy week

By my standards at least, we’ve had a busy week at work. We have been rolling out the first wave of new technology locally. Mistakes were made, and not by us. ^_^ Problems with central servers affected performance at just the same time, so it would seem to the random observer as if the problems were connected. That was probably not the case. I also have a start on the next new technology, but I find that I am still not able to help much with it. There are parts that are handled centrally that I don’t have access to. Still, I enjoy having more to do, for now. One day I even forgot that the workday was ending, until my bus had gone. I did not come home until around 10. ^_^

I am pleased that the weather has been cool, after the couple days of feverish heat that I wrote about. So it has been fine weather for walking, I don’t need to bring water to avoid overheating.  It has even rained a bit.