My right foot was almost completely healed this morning. Unfortunately, on my return home from work it hurt worse than ever. The top of my right foot and front of the calf (leg, not animal) hurt very much like my wrist used to do when I was typing a lot at work some years ago. I assure you however, I have not been typing with my toes. Instead, I suspect my shoes. Unfortunately it is the last pair so I will have to take some time off from work to buy new ones. I think that is better than not being able to go to work at all!

Tomorrow is the lab appointment. For that, I have to stay in the clinic for at least 2 hours. (Glucose tolerance test.)  If the doctor has time, I will mention the foot again, this time with feeling. ^_^

Not going to look for a spiritual explanation of my foot problem before I have tried new shoes. The voice in my heart seems to concur with this. It certainly does not protest.