A big car came and took with it a lot of stuff from upstairs where the couple with the toddler live. Actually, it would seem that they are not going to live there anymore. If I scared them away, it was certainly not my intention. Perhaps they were disturbed by my loud farting? I can’t think I have made much noise apart from the toilet-related, as I am a big fan of headphones when not living on a farm (and actually mostly even then). I have also restrained myself from dancing at night.

In hopefully unrelated news, my front door key is gone. It must have been lost in here somewhere, for I used it to lock myself  in on Friday. When I should go out for my daily one-hour walk, it wasn’t there! I searched for hours, even moving my bed to see if it had fallen down there.  Panic! At this point, I have not yet realized that I can use the back door to the garden and simply walk around the house, and that I could indeed have done this all the time and in effect had my own entrance. Not that I think my using the front door scared away my neighbors, although it did cause me to let out the cat accidentally from time to time.

Tomorrow I will remember the back door. (I know this because this entry is backdated.) Today, I am panicking. I have to go to work, but how will I get back in? Luckily, a window to the garden is low enough that I should be able to get through without breaking anything. As some of you will know, the first thing that appears to me if a door is locked is “Window!” It is slightly narrower than my hips, but I am sure I can get through if I just turn diagonally. After all, the square of the hypotenuse is the sum of the squares of the two, uhm, other sides. I could try it out, I guess.

Or I could go to sleep and remember tomorrow  that there is a door to the  backyard from the tiny food storage room I rarely use.