On the road again…

Or at least the bike / pedestrian path that is found alongside all major roads here in Mandal. Yesterday and today I was out walking again, feeling pretty much the same as before the heart race episode. I burned over 800 calories each walk, so all in all it was a good day! :p

I still don’t know what happened, but the jolts and “glitches” of the heartbeat that I have felt off and on lately seem to have faded for this time. I wonder if these aren’t in some way related to the heart racing. In any case, I try to pay more attention to how I feel and not press myself too far.

It is not like I am looking to lose X pounds per week, or am training for a marathon.  I simply want to keep the diabetes at a safe distance and show my body that yes, it is still inhabited.

Plus, walking is a great opportunity to think, or be inspired, or just be. Sometimes it is good to not have an agenda or anything to, but just watch the land as I walk through it.