Ghostly repentance

Thoughtful ghost from the game The Sims 3.

After work I went back to the old house to vacuum and wash some, as well as look for things we accidentally left behind. All of this happened, and it will probably take a couple more days of the same. I had left the hot water tank unplugged when we left, so there was only cold water. That certainly limited that part, though I vacuumed the carpeted rooms, all except the kitchen and bath. There were actually a few bags worth of stuff we had overlooked, incredibly enough.

But most noticeable was the eerie feeling I had while I was there. It was the same place I had called home for four years literally to the day. (I moved in January 30, 2006 and moved in here January 30, 2010.) But even though it was the same place, it was not. It was mostly empty, of course, but memories remained. I felt like a ghost, or Schroedinger’s cat, there and not there at the same time. It was kind of unsettling.

And amid my memories and the emptiness, I repented. Repentance is central in Christianity, you know. So I suppose being an ordinary Christian means doing ordinary things and then repenting them. This I did now. Vacuumed, remembered, repented, and prayed.

I have much more I would say, but I came home at 22 (10PM) and sleep was not too deep last night either. Tomorrow morning at 8 the plumber is supposed to come and fix the shower that only gives cold water and that at all times. I don’t particularly want to be in my pajamas while greeting the plumber. Your pajamas may vary.

One good thing about repentance, you don’t actually get more unhappy from it. The loss of self-esteemed is countered by a surge in gratitude. There was a time long ago when I felt I did not get what I deserved. I still feel that, only now I am very, very happy that I don’t get what I deserve.