Oh no, not again…

The cold has returned, but not with the same deep freezer temperatures we had earlier in winter. It is more around -7C  (around 20F).  But along with the wind, it has once again become hard to keep the house warm.  We had a couple “mild” days with only -1 or so, and little wind.  It was quite easy to keep the whole house warm then.  Now, not so much.

Oh, and the water in the bathroom faucet is gone again.  I would have thought that using it a couple times a day would be enough, but evidently not.  It was fine when I came home from work, now it is dry again.  And will remain so until the temperature again returns to around the melting point.  Let us hope that is not too long.  At least I managed to set the kitchen faucet dripping before it could freeze up too. I can always wash my hands there.  There is no dripping option for the shower, it is very much on/off, so I guess that one is a goner too.

Luckily spring usually starts sometime in March here, not necessarily to the point where the snow disappears, but it would be a rare year that the temperature is not above zero for a couple days at least in March.  Then again this has been a rare winter so far, both here in Norway and elsewhere.

This morning I shoveled a path through the snow drifts, just in time to get to the bus.  When I returned from work, the path was gone.  “I knew the path was narrow, but it is gone now” as depressed Christians say.   Yes, there seems to be depressed Christians.  I won’t make any guesses as to why. I am sure others have strong opinions on that, especially those who have either never been depressed or never been Christian.  Anyway, it takes a bit more than a snow gale to depress me these days.  I had to wade through snow to my knees, if not more, but I did remove the drift that was building in front of the main door.  There are actually 3 outer doors in the house, so it should be a rare wind that managed to pack drifts around them all.  Tomorrow, Light willing, I will shovel a new path through the trackless snow.  Think of it as negative calories!

But before that, sleep. Although I may need to put on some more clothes first… ^_^

EDIT to add:

Oh, something good happened today that I should share!  I have a label on my mailbox that says “No unaddressed mail”, because I don’t want to risk losing letters in between the dozens of fliers, advert-paid newspapers etc.  But today I got an unaddressed sheet.  I did not mind at all though, because it was from the Agricultural Office of the region and was marked “Distributed unadressed to farmers and small farm holders in the region.”  It is the first time in many years that I have been mistaken for a farmer, and I really enjoyed it.  I admit it certainly looks that way, seen from the main road. ^_^