Excuses, excuses

Worked late today, we had a huge job with the stuff I actually can do, wasn’t home until around 22 (10PM).  There is another cold snap and I can’t even keep one room warm without blowing a fuse. The home office is the warmest place in the house, I think, and I’m typing this wearing my thick winter jacket.

I’ve tried to catch up a bit with my Sims 3 project, the Adoptacy.  But I seriously don’t have time for both my sims’ life and my own, as it turns out.  Much less the new beta test I am invited to (for another game).  I’d want to read more of the Happy Science books (still on second read of The Philosophy of Progress) and write some stuff of my own.  But I need to go to bed. Two hours awake at home is not much to write home about.  So I won’t.

I still haven’t put back on the weight I lost during the move.  It is not that much, I can live without it for the rest of my days if necessary, but I notice I am already more hungry than I used to.  If I eat, however, I can’t go to sleep for a while due to acid reflux.  (The medical condition, not the excellent but oh so short-lived web comic.)

This morning I dreamed about repairing the holes in the butt of a pair of jeans, only the jeans belonged to a woman I don’t know in real life – we were in yet another world, I guess – and, more importantly, she was wearing them at the time.  I don’t think this has any deeper meaning.  Earlier last week I sewed one of my old but good trousers that had ripped open in the crotch – why does it always have to be the crotch, it is not like it’s under extreme pressure or something – and the next day it ripped open right beside where I had sewn. Like millimeters away.  It’s one of the few trousers that really fits me too, even though it has lost a button and has a hole in at least one pocket.  (I lost a house key once I was wearing this one a few months ago.)

Can haz sleep nao plz?