A cold shower

No longer complete chaos. At least inside.  As for the weather, read on!

More slice of the same life as yesterday!  Will these slices of life never end (before life does)? I have words that should be spoken, before they are lost forever!  But each day now is just moving this and moving that.  Last night I came home at 22 in the evening, and it probably will be no earlier today, since I at the very least need to go to Nodeland to set the garbage cans back before they snow down.  I set them out to by the roadside yesterday for the last time.

The last time of everything is significant, because it reminds us of eternity.  Although hopefully I won’t spend an eternity hauling garbage cans, no matter how much I may have deserved it.

Back to this morning. I had woken up several times during the night. I wonder if that was when the train didn’t come thundering by – I used to live by the railroad track for 4 years after all.  Even after that, I was up, out of my pajamas and into my work clothes well before the plumber arrived.  If I had been female, I might have briefly wished for a more advantageous attire, for the young man who showed up was excessively cute in a boyish way.  He would surely have melted the heart (and brain) of most any adult woman.  He was also quite competent and fast, despite his young age.  (He looked like he was just recently out of high school, seriously.)

Not only did he change the part of the shower where hot and cold water are mixed (this was the part that was leaking badly) but to a safer model where the temperature and the quantity are decided by different knobs.  (The original had a single handle that you moved in two different dimensions, a recipe for disaster if you ask me.) Unfortunately, when I checked after he left, there was still only cold water.  No doubt the hot water pipe had frozen in the meantime, even though it only travels under the floor for a few inches, while the rest of the length is in heated rooms.  With the cold water itself being so cold that it has to move or it freezes solid, it looks like I won’t be showering again until spring.  Now that’s bound to be a learning experience.

ADDING: It is now 20 (8PM) and I came home a little while ago.  The weather made it crazy to try to get to Nodeland and back to the city and then home.  Buses come and go at random times. I was surprised to see the bus to Mandal arrive at the usual time – but it turned out to be the bus that should have gone an hour earlier!  He decided to drive through Møll anyway, since he was leaving at the time when the bus to Møll was leaving according to the plan, and there were passengers waiting for that one.  Because of the bad roads (snow until past 4PM and wind even after that) we took quite a bit longer than usual to make it home.  There was a line of cars out of the city, which it almost never is at that time of the day, and it lasted for quite a while.  Even after that, we could not go full speed.  It is anybody’s guess whether the evening bus is even going, and if so, whether I’d be home before midnight.

The snow is predicted to start again this evening. But even if not, the wind is still building drifts and banks.  The road to this house, which was opened on Sunday, is gone again. Just gone. A few places can you see that there is a disturbance in the snow, but mostly it looks like the dunes of Sahara, only in white. A small drift was building against the door, but I removed it and it has so far stayed away.  I wonder if one day I will have to exit the house through a window.  If so, I will try to make sure to have it photographed.